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Drone Operations Management

The AirHub platform offers operators one easy to use workflow to plan, execute and manage their missions. Check airspace advisories and regulations, fill out a flight plan and submit it to the authorities through our U-Space connection, operate your drones and maintain
a comprehensive overview of all you assets. 


Enterprise Solutions

AirHub safely and efficiently integrates drones into the workspace. We can guide you from a business case on paper to a fully integrated drone program at your company. By providing your crew with the right drones and training, applying for waivers and setting up your standard operating procedures and operations manuals, we have you covered. And with our drone operations management software you can easily plan your missions, execute your flights and gain a comprehensive oversight of your teams, equipment and more. 


Training & Support

Starting a drone program has never been easier with one of our quick start packages. We will provide you with online education and competency 
training, a waiver compliant operations manual and the right drone and equipment specific to your needs. 


Operations Software

The AirHub drone operations management platform lets you
easily plan your missions, connect to U-Space unmanned
traffic management services, execute your flight and keep a digital system of record for your drones, equipment, teams and more. 


Policy Consulting

With fast changing regulations in the world of unmanned aircraft it is sometimes hard to keep up. We help national and local governments and competent authorities getting up to speed with the new EU regulations and can support setting up your policy. 

Industry wide expertise

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Guidance and Regulatory Waivers

Take advantage of our operational and regulatory experience when setting up your drone program. We will guide you from a business case to an up and running operation. Together we will set up a risk analysis with our online SORA tool, apply for the necessary waivers and set up the standard operating procedures for your drone program. 


Get operational support and industry insights from AirHub.

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